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pc tv tuners

PC TV Tuner

Technology continues to amaze me. It is now possible to watch TV on your PC. I am not talking about watching pre-recorded shows through a cable station’s web site. I am talking about live, right from your computer, TV. All thanks to the PC TV tuner. 



The technology has arrived, it has been perfected, and it is easy to use. You also have many choices. PC TV tuners will capture cable shows and show them on your PC. There are also devices available for HDTV. And you have a choice of PC TV tuner type; a PCI card or an external USB box. Either choice works well so which one you choose comes down to personal preference.



The PCI card will not clutter your desk area as it slides into the computer. Once you install it into the closed case it is hidden from view. It is also the less expensive option. While the USB is external and has a connection cord, it is easier to install.

 pc tv tuner

The TV tuner for your PC will also function similar to a Tivo or DVR. It will screen a show, record the show, rewind and capture. You will be able to watch your favorite shows live and full screen. You also have the option to watch from a small box on the screen while you work on something else.

The computer TV tuner card is very easy to install and use. You may even find it easer than setting up that Tivo or VCR. You do not have to struggle through complicated instructions or mess with zillions of cables. The TV tuner card comes complete with an easy to use instruction manual that will have up and running in less than 5 minutes.

PC TV tuners are cost effective; a bargain. With Tivo and SVR devices running in the hundreds of dollars, a PC TV tuner card can be found for under $100. You have spent quite a bit of money on your PC. Spend a little more and you will soon be watching TV from your desktop.

 pc tv tuners

PC and Computer TV Tuner - Another Perspective

If online streaming is available for free over the internet why would you want to invest in a PC TV tuner card? The answer is simple. Most shows available over the internet are pre-recorded. With a tuner card you can watch live TV, anytime, right on the PC.

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PC TV tuners are very affordable. It will run you less than $100. Compare that to the price of a Tivo or DVR and you could be looking at a savings hundreds of dollars.

You have probably already spent quite a bit of money on your laptop or desk top PC; spend a little more and turn it into a complete media center.

With a computer TV turner card you will have all the capabilities of a DVR or Tivo. You will be able to screen live TV, record shows, record shows while watching something else, and set a timer to record at a later time. You will also have the ability to rewind, fast forward, and capture screen shots right on your desk top.

One other interesting feature is the ability to watch either full screen or through a small box on the screen while working on something else. Watching Survivor while typing a proposal; watching a baseball game while checking your favorite player’s stats; all this is obtainable with the click of the mouse.

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PC TV tuners are internal devices. It will fit into your computer. After purchasing the card you will install it following an easy to understand instruction manual. The card will then be in an enclosed box and not visible.

You can purchase a computer TV tuner that allow you to watch regular analog and cable TV or you can purchase one for HDTV programming. Check to see if HDTV is available in your area before spending the extra money. But keep in mind, it is not much more and the screen resolution with an HDTV card is phenomenal.

Whichever type you choose, you will soon be sitting in front of your own personal media center.

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